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bUnit Update with Egil Hansen

Episode #1868 Thursday, October 19, 2023

What's the latest with bUnit? Carl and Richard chat with Egil Hansen about his excellent testing library for Blazor. Egil digs into the ongoing improvements being made in Blazor and how bUnit can support those changes without having to rewrite tests - even .NET 8 shouldn't be a huge problem! The conversation also digs into the different sorts of open-source projects out there, including tooling like bUnit. Not all open source is created the same! Great thinking from an experienced builder of testing tools to make it easier to build reliable Blazor applications.


Egil Hansen

Egil Hansen, a Dane chilling in Iceland, is a developer at Delegate and a Microsoft MVP! He chats globally at conferences about nifty developer stuff and is all about that clean, maintainable code. He's the creator behind bUnit (for Blazor tests) and AngleSharp.Diffing (think "spot the HTML difference" in C#). Though he's danced to many tech tunes, Egil's current jam is everything .NET and cloud. Check out his repos at https://github.com/egil (yes, this bio was written by ChatGPT).


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