.NET Rocks!

Azure and GitHub with April Edwards

Episode #1865 Thursday, September 28, 2023

Azure and GitHub - better together? While at the Copenhagen Developer Festival, Carl and Richard talked to April Edwards for a special .NET Rocks Live. April talked about how Azure and GitHub work well together, discussing Azure DevOps and GitHub Actions on the CI/CD pipeline side and how other services can interact. Lots of laughter and great questions from the live audience!


April Edwards

April Edwards is a senior developer advocate and DevOps practice lead at GitHub, specializing in application transformation and DevOps ways of working. Her focus is to take customers on a journey from legacy technology, to serverless and containers, where code comes first, while enabling them to take full advantage of DevOps practices. In April’s spare time, she spends time outdoors hiking, skiing, or scuba diving. She is also a triathlete competing in Ironman and Half Ironman triathlons.


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