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Data Science and UX with Grishma Jena

Episode #1864 Thursday, September 21, 2023

Data Science and UX should be the best of friends! While at the Copenhagen Developer Festival, Carl and Richard talked to Grishma Jena about her work in data science at IBM - and working closely with the UX teams to understand how customers use software and the opportunities to improve it. Grishma talks about the quantitative side of analytics regarding application telemetry, including the ability to predict when a customer is about to abandon an application. The conversation also digs into using modern machine learning to analyze quantitative data, such as comments in surveys - could you sort that kind of data by sentiment or actionability? Improve your UX with data!


Grishma Jena

Grishma Jena is a Data Scientist with the UX Insights team at IBM in San Francisco. As the only Data Scientist in the org, she supports 80+ user researchers and designers and uses data to understand user struggles and opportunities to enhance product experiences. She has delivered 50+ talks and workshops at multiple conferences around the globe including PyCon US. Grishma is extremely passionate about encouraging, mentoring, and empowering people, especially women and students, in the world of technology. She has been recognized as a Fellow by the Python Software Foundation and also serves on advisory and leadership boards for non-profits and other organizations.


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