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IoT Development using Particle Photon with Colleen Lavin

Episode #1863 Thursday, September 14, 2023

What can you do with a Particle Photon? While in an aluminum Airstream trailer in a thunderstorm at the Copenhagen Developers Festival, Carl and Richard talked to Colleen Lavin about her work with the Particle Photon IoT device - and its many maker possibilities! Colleen talks about making it easy to start building a device - but the struggle with so many choices to actually pick a project. The conversation also digs into making production versions of your device so that they are smaller, cheaper, and very reliable - it's a fun time to be a maker!


Colleen Lavin

Colleen Lavin is the lead Developer Advocate at Particle, with a background in software development and product management. She’s worked with NASA and was featured on Gimlet Media’s Startup podcast. When she’s not playing with robots or coding you can usually find her lost in the woods or on twitter (@colleencodes).


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