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Applied Large Language Models with Brian MacKay

Episode #1861 Thursday, August 31, 2023

How can a large language model help your application? Carl and Richard talk to Brian MacKay about his work with large language models, including ChatGPT - and others! Brian talks about how LLMs continue to evolve and the limitations they have. But identifying language inside your applications can be powerful, and Brian talks through a few scenarios his company uses in production today. Work could you be taking advantage of today!


Brian MacKay

Brian MacKay is the co-host of the AI Bot Show alongside the iconic Carl Franklin and also serves as the CTO of Roster, a company dedicated to transforming leaders using an innovative 360 feedback process. A seasoned software engineer, entrepreneur, and open-source contributor, Brian has been at the helm of product development and startups for over 20 years. Brian is a father, husband, musician, writer, chess nerd, and a decent kickboxer.


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