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Scaling a Monolith with Derek Comartin

Episode #1853 Thursday, July 6, 2023

How do you scale a monolith? Carl and Richard talk to Derek Comartin about his blog posts and YouTube series around scaling a monolith. Derek talks about the tendency for folks to want to split a monolith into microservices without assessing if it will make a difference. There is no one right way! The conversation digs into different approaches to scaling - up, out, using caching, queuing, and more! There are many approaches to scaling your applications, and yes, microservices are an option, but there are many others!


Derek Comartin

Derek Comartin is a software developer with over two decades of professional experience. He’s written software for various business domains such as consumer goods, distribution, transportation, manufacturing, and accounting. Derek has a very active blog and YouTube Channel called CodeOpinion, which focuses on Software Architecture and Design.


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