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Azure Developer CLI with Savannah Ostrowski

Episode #1851 Thursday, June 22, 2023

How do you get your app running in Azure? Carl and Richard talk to Savannah Ostrowski about Azure Developer CLI (azd), an open-source tool to help developers using .NET, Javascript/Typescript, Python, Java, and more to get deployed into Azure. Savannah talks about staying high-level with azd commands, keeping the complexity of deployment pipelines in tools you already know how to use, like Bicep and Terraform. The conversation digs into the templating system to help assemble all the platforms and elements of an Azure deployment, depending on your application. There are a ton of options - check it out!


Savannah Ostrowski

Savannah Ostrowski is a senior product manager at Microsoft, focused on Azure cloud native developer tools and experience. She is the product lead for the open-source Azure Developer CLI (azd). Previously, she was the product manager for the Pylance language server (which powers the editing experience in Visual Studio Code, Codespaces, Visual Studio, and more!). She's passionate about Python, open-source software, DevOps, and developer experience.


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