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OpenTelemetry with Laïla Bougriâ

Episode #1849 Thursday, June 8, 2023

What can OpenTelemetry do for you? While at Techorama in Belgium, Carl and Richard talked to Laïla Bougriâ about her experiences with the open-source library that can help give you more insight into the behavior of your applications. Laïla talks about being able to instrument your applications from top-to-bottom, regardless of platforms or development stacks. The conversation digs into the differences between logging, tracing, and telemetry - and how each aspect adds value to understand what your applications are doing, and how you can make them better!


Laïla Bougriâ

Laila Bougria is a software engineer and solution architect with over 15 years of experience in the .NET space. She's a Microsoft Azure MVP and frequent speaker at conferences around the world. Currently, Laila is busy building NServiceBus at Particular Software and solving distributed riddles. When she's not immersed in code, Laila enjoys indulging in her favorite pastime - knitting! She finds that tangling the yarn into beautiful patterns helps untangle her thoughts.


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