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Entity Framework Tooling with Erik Ejlskov Jensen

Episode #1845 Thursday, May 11, 2023

How do you do more with Entity Framework? Carl and Richard talk to Erik Ejlskov Jensen about his work contributing to Entity Framework and creating tools to make Entity Framework easier to use. Erik talks about how EF has continued to evolve, including some significant performance optimizations. The conversation also explores code-first vs. database-first - although Erik falls firmly into the schema-first mindset. There's more coming for Entity Framework; it's worth your time to get the most from it!


Erik Ejlskov Jensen

Erik Ejlskov Jensen is Principal Consultant at Delegate A/S. He maintains a number of open-source data access tools and libraries, including "EF Core Power Tools" and "SQLite Toolbox" for Visual Studio and multiple Entity Framework providers. He has been awarded Microsoft MVP 14 times and enjoys running, comic books, and walking his dog.


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