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Cypress 12 with Ely Lucas

Episode #1843 Thursday, April 27, 2023

Web Testing Evolved! Carl and Richard talk to Ely Lucas about the latest version of the Cypress Testing Framework. Ely talks about three significant versions shipping in 2022 - starting with version 10, a complete UI overhaul. Following the semantic versioning standards, versions 11 and 12 had some breaking changes, primarily around component testing and other great new features. Today Cypress is effective at end-to-end testing, component testing, and with an open source plugin, API testing. The product is free and open-source, with a paid version offering enterprise-class cloud services for scaling testing up. Check it out!


Ely Lucas

Ely Lucas is the head of Developer Ecosystem at Cypress and has been doing software development for over twenty-five years. After spending the first 15 years doing .Net development, Ely moved more to the front-end world and has been drinking the TypeScript cool-aid ever since. Lately, hes been focused on sharing techniques on producing better quality software with testing at the heart of it. He lives in Denver with his wife and four kids, and when not developing can be found taking his chaos on tour around the Colorado mountains.


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