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Continuous Feedback with Roni Dover

Episode #1842 Thursday, April 20, 2023

How do you know the code you write is being used in production? Carl and Richard talk to Roni Dover about his work with Digma to help bring code utilization into your development tooling. Roni talks about the challenges of getting and using production telemetry - often, it never reaches developers. But with OpenTelemetry, there's a lot of data out there; the challenge is to present it helpfully - and that's what Digma is all about. It's still in beta, but sign up if you want to get involved!


Roni Dover

Roni Dover is a holistic developer and builder with a passion for development processes and practices. Afflicted by an acute Product Manager/Developer split personality disorder that was never treated. Currently, CTO and co-founder of Digma (digma.ai), an IDE plugin for code runtime AI analysis to help accelerate development in complex codebases. A big believer in evidence-based development, and a proponent of Continuous Feedback in all aspects of Software Engineering.


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