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Making a Copilot with Phil Haack

Episode #1841 Thursday, April 13, 2023

Microsoft is making several Copilot products - should you? Carl and Richard talk to Phil Haack about the latest version of ab.bot, his customer success startup. Now Phil is calling ab.bot a Copilot for Customer Success since he incorporated OpenAI ChatGPT into it. The conversation tries to steer clear of the hysteria around modern large language models (although it is hard!) and more into the practical applications - using large language models to summarize long customer support conversations and find related conversations to current ones - perhaps identifying new high-priority features! The wave of large language models is in its early days, and with the new APIS available, it may be time to make them part of your projects too!


Phil Haack

Phil Haack has over twenty years of experience in the software industry. Prior to A Serious Business, Inc., he was a director of engineering at GitHub and helped make GitHub friendly to developers on the Microsoft platform. Prior to GitHub, he was a Senior Program Manager at Microsoft responsible for shipping ASP.NET MVC, NuGet, among other projects. These products had permissive open source licenses and ushered in Microsoft’s Open Source era. Phil is a co-author of GitHub for Dummies as well as the popular Professional ASP.NET MVC series and regularly speaks at conferences around the world. He’s also made several appearances on technology podcasts such as .NET Rocks, Hanselminutes, Herding Code, and The Official jQuery Podcast. You can find him sharing his thoughts at https://haacked.com/ or on Twitter https://twitter.com/haacked.


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