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Developer Velocity in the Cloud with Bryan Foster

Episode #1837 Thursday, March 16, 2023

How can the cloud help developer velocity? Carl and Richard talk to Bryan Foster about the complexities of modern software development - and how different cloud technologies can help move faster and not be afraid to break a few things along the way! Bryan talks about using Azure Deployment Environments to make it easy for developers to stand up resources for their apps - and just as quickly shut them down when done. This leads to a broader conversation around the governance of CI/CD pipelines and the role of the cloud, even to the point of using DevBox to have an entirely virtualized development environment!


Bryan Foster

Bryan Foster currently works at Microsoft as a Senior Cloud Solutions Architect and a mentor for the Microsoft Founders Hub. His career started as a full stack .NET engineer and grew to various leadership roles from team lead to CTO. Bryan found a passion for building teams and cultures that focus on cultivating developer velocity. He loves the development community and appreciates how it has helped his career over the years, so he decided to give back by co-founding The Salt Lake Azure Group in 2018. When Bryan is not coding, you can find him either in his woodshop or in the mountains trying to hide from cell service.


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