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MAUI Panel Discussion from Swetugg!

Episode #1833 Thursday, February 16, 2023

MAUI is out! What's next? While at Swetugg in Stockholm, Carl and Richard chatted with David Ortinau and Maddy Montaquila about getting MAUI shipped and seeing how the world is using it! The conversation digs into what typical developers are doing with MAUI and other platforms in the plans for future MAUI. David and Maddy talk about how Blazor Hybrid is creating a lot of excitement for folks, balancing the reach of web development with the power of native development - it's a great time to be building cross-platform software!


David Ortinau

David Ortinau is a Principal Product Manager for .NET at Microsoft, focused on .NET MAUI. A .NET developer since 2002, and versed in a range of programming languages, David has developed web, environmental, and mobile experiences for a wide variety of industries. After several successes with tech startups and running his own software company, David joined Microsoft to follow his passion: crafting tools that help developers create better app experiences. When not at a computer or with his family, David is running through the woods.

Maddy Montaquila

Maddy Montaquila is a Program Manager at Microsoft on the .NET team. She has been with the team since 2018 working on Xamarin and now .NET MAUI tooling. She first worked with the Xamarin team as a Microsoft intern and realized the impact she could have creating amazing developer tools and frameworks.


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