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Sustainable Open Source with Sarah Novotny

Episode #1830 Thursday, January 26, 2023

How do you create a sustainable open-source ecosystem? Carl and Richard talk to Sarah Novotny about how the open-source community continues to evolve. Sarah talks about how the vast majority of software utilizes open-source code and should be contributing to those projects. Those contributions can be financial or development resources, whatever makes more sense for the organization. The conversation also explores the nature of those contributions when the project has smaller and larger audiences, is purely for developer consumption, or the greater public. Open-source software is diverse, so the support for open-source software also needs to be diverse!


Sarah Novotny

Sarah Novotny has long been an Open Source champion in projects such as Kubernetes, NGINX and MySQL. She is part of the Microsoft Azure Office of the CTO, sits on the Linux Foundation Board of Directors, previously led an Open Source Strategy group at Google and ran large scale technology infrastructures before web-scale had a name.


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