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Making Open Source Work for Everyone with David Whitney

Episode #1818 Thursday, November 3, 2022

How do we make open source work for everyone? While at NDC in Oslo, Carl and Richard talked to David Whitney about his experiences working on open-source projects, and the challenges of making them sustainable. David talks about how many projects start with an individual making something for themselves, which then evolves into many people utilizing the project, but not contributing to it. And when companies depend on that software, the pressure on the creators gets serious - but without compensation. How do we make open source better? And how do the tech giants make the situation better or worse?


David Whitney

David Whitney is the founder of Electric Head Software, working as an independent software consultant based in London focusing on iterative software delivery, developer mentoring, and cultural change - mostly working with London-based organizations and start-ups. David has previously served as the chief coding technical architect for JustGiving, and helped market-leading organizations including JUST-EAT, Trainline, and Vodafone improve their technical capabilities. You can find his open source projects on NuGet and GitHub, follow him on Twitter @david_whitney, or check out his technical blog at http://www.davidwhitney.co.uk/Blog.


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