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Observability in Production with Alayshia Knighten

Episode #1817 Thursday, October 27, 2022

What can observability do for you? While at NDC in Oslo, Carl and Richard chatted with Alayshia Knighten about her work with honeycomb and helping people understand what's happening with their applications in production. Alayshia talks about instrumenting applications to provide insight into behavior in real-time - by leveraging existing tools to provide data and reporting. The conversation digs into how sysadmins and developers see applications differently, and how standard telemetry systems make it easier for everyone to be on the same page!


Alayshia Knighten

Alayshia Knighten is a Manager of Onboarding Engineering at Honeycomb with many years of experience in the DevOps realm. Alayshia specializes in enhancing technical and team-related experiences while educating customers on their journey with and beyond observability. In her words, “Getting shit done while identifying how to accelerate at the person beyond the tooling is the real meat and potatoes.” She enjoys solving the “so, how do we solve that?” problems and meeting people from all walks of life. Her tiny hometown and Southern background inspire Alayshia. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, grilling, painting, and making random bird calls with her father. Talks and works


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