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Cloud Scaling from the Trenches with Meg Gotshall

Episode #1816 Thursday, October 20, 2022

Ready for a story of cloud scaling from the trenches? While at NDC Oslo, Carl and Richard talked with Meg Gotshall about her experiences scaling the Fotoware service with her team. Meg talks about the limits of auto-scaling, where all the services are scaled up, but the bottlenecks exist in only one place - and how dashboards help to provide more visibility into the problem. But even when you sense the problem, how do you fix it? The conversation digs into breaking services into their containers and AppService plans so they can be scaled independently - initially for diagnostics but ultimately for production!


Meg Gotshall

Meg Gotshall is a technical lead at FotoWare, designing and developing a scalable cloud-native storage and indexing system for digital media. Two decades of hands-on software development with a focus on API design has nurtured her passion for creating extensible and maintainable codebases. Now a veteran of multiple cloud-native systems, she has learned to also apply these qualities not only to the code but to the infrastructure itself.


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