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Vision Impairment, Screen Readers, and Accessibility with Courtney Heitman

Episode #1812 Thursday, September 22, 2022

How do you make applications that work well for the visually impaired? Carl and Richard talk to Courtney Heitman about building applications that the visually impaired can use. Courtney talks about different kinds of visual impairment including field of view, color blindness, low and no vision. There are tools to help you understand what those impairments are like and to help you test how your app will work for everyone. Then the conversation turns to screen readers - which are challenging to test with because it does take quite a bit of experience to use. There are powerful solutions, you just need to incorporate these accessibility features - sooner, rather than later!


Courtney Heitman

Courtney Heitman is an Accessibility Program Manager for Gallup in Omaha, Nebraska. Over the last 10+ years, Courtney has done everything from design and full-stack development to user testing and project management. Her passion is creating a web that is usable and accessible to all. When she's not playing with new tech, you can find her working on new recipes in her kitchen or working on her farm.


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