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Episode 1800 with Heather Downing Live from NDC London!

Episode #1800 Thursday, June 30, 2022

Episode 1800! While at NDC London, Carl and Richard were on stage for a live show with Heather Downing, discussing the modern developer career. The pandemic created considerable changes in work, and developers were also affected. Do you have the job you want? How do you change it? With some questions from the online viewers, Heather talks about taking control of your career and turning it into the life you want - and celebrating 1800 episodes of .NET Rocks!


Heather Downing

Heather Downing is a passionate coder and entrepreneur. She has experience working with Fortune 500 companies building enterprise level mobile and .Net applications. She spends her spare time at tech conferences supporting the growth of new developers of all genders, ages and backgrounds. When not coding, Heather spends her time as a competitive equestrian and learning the art of mounted archery.

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