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WebRTC with Liz Moi

Episode #1799 Thursday, June 23, 2022

What is WebRTC, and why do you want to use it? While at NDC London, Carl and Richard talk to Liz Moy about WebRTC, the open-source library that is used by many of your favorite video chat applications. Liz talks about taking advantage of the hard work already done to control video and audio devices through the browser, as well as the various strategies for actually connecting to other people through firewalls and NAT routers. The conversation also explores where and when you would want to have integrated video, audio, screensharing, and data transfer capabilities.


Liz Moi

Liz Moy is a developer evangelist for Twilio who enjoys collaborating on projects using code and creating environments where creativity can happen. She runs hackathons and technical workshops for Fortune 500 companies, builds serious and silly demos, and talks to developers about what they are making on the Build and Deploy podcast. You can find Liz tweeting about programming and photos of her cat at @ecmoy.


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