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Indexing Video using KlipTok with Jeff Fritz

Episode #1796 Thursday, June 2, 2022

How do you find a great video clip after the fact? Carl and Richard talk to Jeff Fritz about his work building KlipTok, a tool for making Twitch video clips more discoverable and shareable. Jeff digs into the tricky bits of KlipTok, which is all about fast indexing and searching to get to the right clip. The conversation digs into various data storage techniques and using the cloud in a way that doesn't break the bank. Jeff may be a Microsoft employee, but that doesn't mean he uses only Microsoft tools for his projects!


Jeff Fritz

Jeff Fritz is a principal program manager in Microsoft’s Developer Division on the .NET Community Team where he leads development of live video and online content. He is also a Twitch and YouTube partner as well as the founder of the Live Coders stream team and the KlipTok web application. You can catch Jeff writing .NET Code with GitHub, Visual Studio, and Azure on his video stream called 'Fritz and Friends' at twitch.tv/csharpfritz


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