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Azure Static Web Apps with Stacy Cashmore

Episode #1787 Thursday, March 31, 2022

What's an Azure Static Web App, and why do you want one? Carl and Richard talk to Stacy Cashmore about Azure Static Web Apps, Microsoft's implementation of static web apps. Stacy talks about the bare essentials of making a web page - serving up some HTML. How much back-end processing do you really need? The static web app approach serves a page as a static file - and while that file may make calls to APIs, it doesn't require AppService itself. The result is fast, low-cost web apps!


Stacy Cashmore

Stacy Cashmore is a Tech Explorer DevOps at Omniplan, and Microsoft MVP in Developer Technologies. She’s been developing software since the mid-1990s and has been speaking about improving the way we develop software at conferences and meetups since 2019. As well as sparing with the software architect about technical issues, she spends her time helping the development team, and the wider company, with continuous improvement in terms of technical work, process, and, of course, working together as a team. Outside of work she enjoys spending time with her classic car, cooking, playing the piano badly, and spending time with her family, doing amongst other things, building a Lego modular building city in their house.


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