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Lift and Shift is Not Enough with Richard Reukema

Episode #1786 Thursday, March 24, 2022

Are you moving apps to the cloud? Carl and Richard talk to Richard Reukema about his experience shifting workloads into the cloud. Richard talks about getting beyond virtual machines in the cloud and utilizing the platform services that allow your application to scale up and out. The conversation dives into designing software independent of the implementation, even the cloud provider! This separation between design and implementation, combined with modern practices of deployment and testing automation, get to the true value of the cloud - the ability to rapidly iterate to respond to business needs!


Richard Reukema

Richard Reukema's expertise is in creating or integrating software into a business value proposition. He has performed in many roles throughout his career but remains focused on delivering an efficient and effective business process. Blending the characteristics of a deep technical resource, an entrepreneur mindset, and a business analyst, Richard always begins his work by understanding the business context for his services. From this base of understanding, an analysis starts on how to best select/use/create/integrate technology into the overall business process, which resolves the business problem(s). With his entrepreneurial nature, Richard comes with an extreme customer service attitude that constantly looks for common-sense solutions that provide the Business with what they require when they need it while ensuring an appropriate security context. Richard has provided his skills and consulting services to large, medium, and small business environments, always looking to streamline business processes and gain efficiency. He has performed in many roles such as Solutions Architect, VP of Product Management, Technical Team Lead, Technical Architect, Developer (C#), Database Administrator, Data Integration, and Instructor. His expertise is in: Distributed Application Architecture, use of Cloud Resources and their impact on application design (Azure/AWS), Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) / Microservices, the .Net Framework (from 1.0 to the latest release), and Visual Studio (currently testing/working in 2022).


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