.NET Rocks!

Twenty Years of ASP.NET with Scott Guthrie

Episode #1782 Thursday, February 24, 2022

Another in the series of twenty years of .NET, this one with Scott Guthrie! Carl and Richard talk to Scott about the early days of ASP.NET, the recruiting of the ninja army of Scott Hanselman, Rob Conery, Phil Haack (and others), and much more! Scott has been part of .NET from the beginning and talks about bringing the ASP.NET web team with him when he joined the Azure group. The conversation digs into how to keep a 20-year-old product relevant, which does mean an occasional reinvention!


Scott Guthrie

As executive vice president of the Microsoft Cloud + AI Group, Scott Guthrie is responsible for Microsoft’s cloud computing fabric, artificial intelligence platform, and the company’s digital transformation strategy. This spans products and services such as Microsoft Azure, the global cloud computing platform, Microsoft Business Applications, including the automated business process capabilities of Dynamics 365, low-code/no-code tools in the Power Platform, and our healthcare-specific data platforms and AI products and services, as well as Mixed Reality, with HoloLens and Microsoft Mesh. It also includes a rich set of developer tools with Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, and GitHub, core commerce capabilities and infrastructure, and compliance solutions across the Microsoft Cloud.


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