.NET Rocks!

.NET for Startups with Oleg Fridman

Episode #1776 Thursday, January 13, 2022

What's the right development stack for a startup? Carl and Richard talk to Oleg Fridman about his latest startup called Verb Data and the challenges of building a startup with the .NET stack. Oleg talks about how the investors, and sometimes the developers, have concerns around .NET - but not the customers. .NET is well known for being enterprise-class and scalable - but it's not as well known for being cross-platform, open-source, and cloud friendly. The conversation dives into where .NET makes sense in a project and where it does not and the differences in developing in a startup versus a more established business. Not everyone is suited for startup life, but startup life has also evolved - maybe you're ready to try it!


Oleg Fridman

Oleg Fridman is the founder and CTO of Verb Data. At Verb his mission is to help others create amazing customer data experiences without the pain he’s had to suffer dozens of times over. Oleg founded his first company while in high school and has built and sold multiple tech businesses since then. He’s an expert in bringing SaaS applications to market that meet customer demands on day one.


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