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Migrating from ASP.NET Web Forms with Veli Pehlivanov

Episode #1774 Thursday, January 6, 2022

Ready to migrate from ASP.NET Web Forms? Carl and Richard talk to Veli Pehlivanov about his work helping organizations modernize their ASP.NET Web Forms applications. Veli talks about finding an appropriate migration strategy for the application, often keeping the existing app in operation while modernization efforts happen piece by piece. The challenging part in that scenario is aspects like security - can you share authentication from the older app with the newer? Sometimes it's necessary to build shims to keep things in sync, and while they seem temporary, often they are run for many years. Migration isn't easy, but the alternatives are worse - plan to take the time!


Veli Pehlivanov

Veli Pehlivanov is co-founder & CTO of Resolute Software. Well-versed in web development, C#, .NET, JavaScript, and Agile project management, Veli has played an active role in the creation of the Telerik ASP.NET AJAX suite. Later, he takes on the position of VP of Engineering at Progress, leading a team of 100 talented software engineers, building a cloud platform for developers. He has a lot to share about tackling IT challenges, building engineering teams, and starting a software consultancy company spanning two continents.


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