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Building Microservices using DAPR with Paul Yuknewicz

Episode #1770 Thursday, December 16, 2021

What is DAPR, and why do you want it? Carl and Richard talk to Paul Yuknewicz about how DAPR helps you build better microservices by dealing with all the plumbing. We all need messaging, security, logging, and other services to make microservices work - and there are a ton of SDKs and libraries out there to help. DAPR helps glue all those pieces together with a nice layer of abstraction to make it easier for your tool selections to work!


Paul Yuknewicz

As Group Product Manager for Azure App Frameworks, Microservices, and Diagnostics, Paul's team is responsible for defining and building application models and frameworks for cloud developers. This includes an open-source application framework for distributed apps and cloud-native applications called Dapr (see dapr.io). I also look out for new observability experiences to make teams successful in running and diagnosing their apps.


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