.NET Rocks!

Cross-platform .NET Testing with Kendra Havens

Episode #1767 Thursday, November 25, 2021

How do you test .NET applications written for different browsers, different servers, and different platforms? Carl and Richard talk to Kendra Havens about the recent release of .NET 6, Visual Studio 2022, and all the great tools to make testing and debugging cross-platform .NET applications easier. Kendra digs into tools like Test Explorer, the Remote Debugger, and Hot Reload - all tooling to make your testing life easier, no matter where your code is running!


Kendra Havens

Kendra Havens is a program manager at Microsoft on the .NET and Visual Studio team. Her focus is .NET tooling and the testing experience in Visual Studio. You may recognize her from videos on .NET Core, VS Code, and Docker. In addition to an unruly enthusiasm for technology, Kendra loves reading and camping.


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