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DNSimple API with Enrique Comba

Episode #1765 Thursday, November 11, 2021

How do you automate DNS changes? And why would you? Carl and Richard talk to Enrique Comba, the DNSimple Ambassador, about programming against the DNSimple API. Enrique talks about automating migration from other DNS services - in fact, there are community-created products for migrating from various 'popular' DNS providers to DNSimple. The conversation also ranges over other tasks that are difficult to do manually, like certificate generation and renewal. If you're creating multi-tenant applications, configuration of DNS is a normal part of the job, and it should be automated - there are lots of reasons to dive into the API!


Enrique Comba

Enrique Comba has been crafting software for businesses since 1995 and has worked all over the world, building systems and leading teams in industries like artificial intelligence, gaming, insurance, telecoms, trading, the web and training world class beginners. He has used a myriad of languages and frameworks, but over the years he moved to simple solutions that get the job done in the most productive and elegant way. Currently he roams the land on his trusty Harley Davidson whilst helping developers and companies succeed with DNSimple’s products.


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