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Building Text-Grab with Joseph Finney

Episode #1755 Thursday, September 2, 2021

Learning by doing! Carl and Richard talk to Joseph Finney about his experiences building Text-Grab, a clever utility for extracting text from graphics using OCR built into Windows. Joe talks about how the 'search-with-screenshot' built into Windows 10 depends on Bing, but there is an OCR library inside Windows - why go to the cloud? The conversation dives into the challenges of handling multiple screens, screen resolutions, DPIs, language packs, and more... what seems like a simple tool is never that simple. And, as it turns out, building the app is the easy part: Now, how do you get it into the Microsoft Store? That leads to both Richard and Carl installing the app, showing that purchasing and installing an app is much harder than it needs to be!


Joseph Finney

Joseph Finney is a Mobile Product Owner by day and builds productivity apps for Windows at night. When he is not programming he is birding, running, and enjoying tasty coffee and beer in Milwaukee.


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