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Visual Studio 2022 Productivity with Mika Dumont

Episode #1753 Thursday, August 19, 2021

How much more productive can Visual Studio get? Carl and Richard talk to Mika Dumont about some of the new features coming in Visual Studio 2022 to help shorten your development inner loop. Mika talks about some of the new code analyzer capabilities working within the Roslyn service that you can customize - and create your own! The conversation explores how these tools can add code automatically to save you typing, like adding using constructs on paste. It's a challenge to get the balance right between helping and interrupting, but the team works hard on it - and listens to your feedback to make it better. Take the VS2022 Preview out for a spin and help make it even better!


Mika Dumont

Mika Dumont is a Program Manager at Microsoft on the .NET and Visual Studio team. Her main focus is to help .NET developers be more productive in Visual Studio.


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