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Elasticsearch for .NET with Steve Gordon

Episode #1729 Thursday, March 4, 2021

How can Elasticsearch help you? Carl and Richard talk to Steve Gordon, who recently moved to Elastic to work on the .NET clients. Steve talks about how Elasticsearch can act as a data store as well as work with existing databases and non-relational data to provide awesome search capabilities to your applications. And not just for search bars - there are many cases where having an ability to see across an organization's data can provide huge value. Check it out!


Steve Gordon

Steve Gordon is a Pluralsight author, Microsoft MVP, and a .NET software engineer. He works for Elastic maintaining their .NET client libraries. Steve enjoys sharing his knowledge with the community through his blog, on his YouTube channel, and by presenting talks at user groups and conferences around the world. You can find Steve online at his blog, stevejgordon.co.uk, and on Twitter as @stevejgordon.


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