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Building Teams Apps with Hilton Giesenow

Episode #1727 Thursday, February 18, 2021

Teams is extensible - wanna write some code? Carl and Richard talk to Hilton Giesenow about his work building Teams extensions - and there are a lot of options! The conversation starts out focusing on what Teams can do for you, which is to be the portal into collaboration at work. Hilton talks about the huge array of extensibility options for Teams to put more of the work in the tabs of Teams - from bots to PowerApps, there are a lot of choices!


Hilton Giesenow

Deeply passionate about the Microsoft Teams development community, Hilton Giesenow is a leading user under the 'Teams' tag on sites like Stack Overflow, a regular contributor to multiple open source projects and a frequent presenter on Teams topics. He's also the founder of ChitChattr.com, a startup building apps to make using Teams more effective, more functional, and more productive.


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