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Building a Flight Simulator in C# with Laura Laban

Episode #1718 Thursday, December 17, 2020

What does it take to make a flight simulator in C#? On a smartphone? Carl and Richard talk to Laura Laban about her experiences building Infinite Flight - starting with the Windows Phone in 2011! The conversation follows the history of using C# in smartphones, from WinPhone 7 through to MonoTouch, MonoGame, and Xamarin! Laura discusses the challenges of tooling getting deprecated, platforms going away, and the vagaries of app stores!


Laura Laban

Laura Laban is the co-founder and CEO of Infinite Flight. As one of its chief developers, Laura loves working on flight models, ATC, multiplayer systems, cockpit instruments and more areas of the sim. She holds a PPL and flies a CubCrafters XCub. She grew up in France and moved to the US after graduating. She worked at NVIDIA for 6 years before founding Infinite Flight with Philippe Rollin. Laura lived in California and New York for a few years and is now back in France for some time.


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