.NET Rocks!

NUKE 5.0 with Matthias Koch

Episode #1716 Thursday, December 3, 2020

With a new version of .NET out, it's time for a new version of Nuke! Carl and Richard talk to Matthias Koch about Nuke V5 - synchronizing the version number of Nuke with the version of .NET. Matthias talks about the philosophy of Nuke, focusing on creating builds using C# with package references and class inheritance. This leads to a conversation around build maintainability - making sure every developer on the team can contribute to the build, and that certain build classes can be used in multiple build projects!


Matthias Koch

Matthias Koch is a passionate C# developer and likes to talk about clean code, testing and tooling in general. Much of his spare time in the last years was devoted to his very own open source projects. He is working at JetBrains as developer advocate for the .NET department. You can follow him on Twitter via @matkoch87.


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