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The Microsoft Open Source Sandbox with Aaron Stannard

Episode #1714 Thursday, November 19, 2020

Can you make open source projects in the Microsoft ecosystem and live to tell the tale? Carl and Richard talk to Aaron Stannard about his view of the Microsoft open-source ecosystem, including the challenges of building and maintaining Akka.NET. Aaron talks about Microsoft being good producers of open source but not good consumers of open source - they still have that not-invented-here viewpoint on things. The conversation turns to either making an open-source project that is popular but ultimately consumed by Microsoft, or profitable because it lives in the long tail that Microsoft won't explore. But could there be a better way?


Aaron Stannard

Aaron Stannard is the Founder and CEO of Petabridge, a company that provides commercial support, training, and tooling for Akka.NET, one of the OSS projects he founded. Petabridge creates products like Phobos Akka.NET APM, Petabridge.Cmd Akka.NET CLI, and OSS tools such as NBench - .NET Performance Testing.


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