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The Business Case of AI and Data Science with Joel Hulen and Kyle Bunting

Episode #1711 Thursday, October 29, 2020

Everyone wants AI - but where's the business value? Carl and Richard talk to Joel Hulen and Kyle Bunting about building machine learning models and what they can do for business. The conversation starts out with the typical AI-destroys-the-world debate, recognizing that these tools are just that, tools. Using them responsibly is important, but so is focusing on business value. What can this technology help with? Usually, the first goal is not the goal delivered!


Joel Hulen

Joel Hulen has more than 26 years of experience in the IT field, gaining expertise in a variety of disciplines ranging from systems engineering to cloud-based computing, and everything in between. He has focused on software development for over 20 years, developing and architecting software solutions for many platforms, from single-user devices to large-scale enterprise applications and services. His experience draws from supporting and enriching the software profile of financial services companies to the Department of Defense, NASA, as well as a range of businesses from small to large. He leverages his experience to successfully lead teams of developers in following best practices, consulting with companies to help them modernize their applications and take advantage of cloud offerings while controlling their costs, and create software that runs on any device, anywhere in the world. Today, Joel is an international speaker, focusing on such topics as cloud architecture, serverless, data engineering, and AI. He also creates and delivers training on these topics to Microsoft employees and partners.

Kyle Bunting

Kyle Bunting has more than 20 years of experience in the software industry. He has worked as a software developer and architect, a director of software engineering managing a team of 25 developers, and a start-up CEO. Over the last several years, Kyle transitioned from being a developer to working as a consultant focused primarily on data and machine learning engineering. In this role, he is involved in building sophisticated, resilient data pipelines for advanced analytics and Big Data solutions. In addition, Kyle has been able to use the experiences and skills he developed over the last 20 years to present at conferences and provide training to many of Microsoft’s cloud solution architects on topics such as migrating applications and infrastructure to the cloud, building data pipelines, and accessing latent insights from data through the use of AI. Kyle recently authored the knowledge mining white paper for Microsoft, focused on helping developers leverage Azure Cognitive Search and its built in knowledge mining capabilities to gain AI-driven insights from their data. He is also the author of the “Grow Your ISV Business with SaaS” playbook published by Microsoft, in addition to being a co-author and contributor on several other books and publications. He has both a bachelors degree and an MBA from Purdue University.


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