.NET Rocks!

Migrating .NET Applications to Azure with Mike Richter

Episode #1709 Thursday, October 15, 2020

The pandemic is sending a lot of work to the cloud - are you ready to move? Carl and Richard talk to Mike Richter about his work helping companies move .NET applications into the cloud. Mike starts out with the hard truth, that moving your virtual machines into the cloud can get expensive. Better to take advantage of the Azure platform, starting with AppService. There's a lot you can do with existing software, and even more if you're willing to recompile. Check it out!


Mike Richter

Mike Richter MBA MCSD is a technology professional with 20 years of software development and architecture experience. Throughout his career, Mike has worked as a software engineer, product owner, and devops lead. Mike has lead technical training classes, coached hackathons, spoken at conferences and community events, and contributed to open source. Mike is currently a Cloud Solution Architect in Microsoft's US Partner organization. He's running a program to help partners build the capability and capacity to modernize software for the cloud.


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