.NET Rocks!

Starting with Xamarin with Theodora Tataru

Episode #1704 Thursday, September 10, 2020

What do you do when COVID-19 cancels your internship? Write an app! Carl and Richard talk to Theodora Tataru about her experience creating an application using Xamarin to help with tracker her college grades. Theodora talks about learning the tools, the libraries, and the various techniques to making a Xamarin app - including asking for help! College Diary is just starting to arrive in the app stores - and Theodora is starting her career as a developer!


Theodora Tataru

Theodora Tataru is a student at Institute of Technology Carlow, Ireland. She built an application called College Diary using Xamarin. In August the app got the attention of Microsoft and Syncfusion because she used their products in the app. They wrote an article about her application.


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