.NET Rocks!

Building Serverless .NET Apps on AWS with Robb Schiefer

Episode #1702 Thursday, August 27, 2020

Sure you can build .NET apps on Azure - but what about Amazon AWS? Carl and Richard talk to Robb Schiefer about his work building .NET Apps on AWS. Robb digs into the various reasons you might use AWS, while admitting that the two clouds are pretty comparable. But like Azure, AWS has good integration into Visual Studio, supports lots of versions of .NET and offers other cloud-based services that you need. AWS is an excellent option for .NET apps!


Robb Schiefer

Robb Schiefer has been learning and using .NET since 2002. He has worked for small and large companies in various roles ranging from junior developer to architect to director of engineering. He is also a Microsoft MVP, blogger, speaker and co-founder of the Birmingham .NET Meetup. He loves building great team culture, championing Devops, delivering value to customers and helping others learn.


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