.NET Rocks!

The Open Source Ecosystem, .NET Foundation, and Microsoft with Sebastien Lambla

Episode #1697 Thursday, July 23, 2020

Grenades with love! Carl and Richard talk to Sebastien Lambla about the state of the .NET open source ecosystem today, the role that Microsoft plays in it, and what the .NET Foundation could do in the future! Seb talks about the challenges of making open source projects in the .NET ecosystem when Microsoft gets involved - and how tough it is to stay involved when a megacorporation goes a different way. Is it damaging the ecosystem? The conversation turns to the value of diversity and the potential to make the ecosystem better. A key factor is the .NET Foundation - and voting is open as of July 21!


Sebastien Lambla

Sebastien Lambla is an independent open source adovcate and consultant helping people adopt new technologies, new processes, new methodologies and in general anything that's new and shiny. In his spare time he's working on OpenRasta, a resource-oriented web framework for .net.


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