.NET Rocks!

Elements Mercury with Marc Hoffman

Episode #1693 Thursday, June 25, 2020

Are there alternative versions of VB.NET? Soon! Carl and Richard talk to Marc Hoffman of RemObjects Software about Elements, their cross-platform compiler for Oxygene (Object Pascal), C#, Java, Swift, Go and soon, VB.NET. Marc discusses the relationship between platforms and languages and the idea that, at least for this array of languages, they can all work together. The conversation dives into why you might want to take an existing Java app, compile it in Elements, and then build C# components for it. And then there's VB.NET - the Mercury Element. Coming soon to a cross-compiler near you!


Marc Hoffman

Marc Hoffman is a co-founder and Chief Architect at RemObjects Software, and in charge of driving the Elements compiler project and its surrounding technologies. Since 2015 he lives in sunny CuraƧao.


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