.NET Rocks!

Testing Blazor Apps with Egil Hansen

Episode #1690 Thursday, June 4, 2020

How do you test your Blazor app? Carl and Richard talk to Egil Hansen about bUnit, an open-source testing framework designed to work with Blazor - both the server-side Razor components and the WebAssembly client. Egil talks about building bUnit to allow for robust testing, that is, tolerant to the normal changes that come to an application without breaking all the tests. The conversation also turns to growing the bUnit project with more contributors, a wider set of features, and perhaps being part of the .NET Foundation!


Egil Hansen

Egil Hansen started tinkering with computers at 12 years old, where he tried to get his 386, running at 16 MHz with 1.5 MB of memory, to run Wolf3D from DOS. Since then, Egil has developed using everything from HTMl, CSS, PHP to PL/1 on IBM mainframes, SharePoint, C# and Blazor. Egil now works as a Managing Architect at Netcompany, and has spent too much of his free time, according to his wife, during the last year, to work on bUnit, a testing library for Blazor. His biggest career achievement is having an answer accepted on StackOverflow in competition with Jon Skeet.


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