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Building Apps using Uno with Kenzie Whalen

Episode #1689 Thursday, May 28, 2020

What's your cross-platform development solution? Carl and Richard talk to Kenzie Whalen about the Uno Platform, where you write C# and XAML for Windows and are able to deploy via Xamarin to iOS and Android... and to browsers via WebAssembly also! The conversation digs into how UWP is evolving, and the approaches you can take to keep your codebase as common as possible between all the platforms. But there are always variations from platform-to-platform. Kenzie also talks about how some of the new hardware, like Surface Duo, will impact development - more cool stuff is coming!


Mackenzie Whalen

From Carrots to Code, Kenzie Whalen went from farming to programming utilizing only free resources available to her online. Since beginning her career as a developer, Kenzie has worked mainly with mobile development and now speaks at developer conferences around the world about cross-platform tools such as Uno and Xamarin. She currently works for a fully remote digital agency called Infinty Interactive where she gets to expand her toolbox by using a diverse range of languages and frameworks to build dynamic websites and mobile apps.


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