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Angular and RxJS with Sandi Barr

Episode #1677 Thursday, March 5, 2020

How and why would you mix Angular and Reactive Extensions? While at NDC London, Carl and Richard chatted with Sandi Barr about her work building reactive applications where the front-end is Angular. Sandi talks about how Angular has ReactiveJS built-in and why you want to use reactive in your applications where you have streams of data you need to look at, but not capture every bite of. Reactive is a cool pattern of development, you should add it to your repertoire!


Sandi Barr

Sandi Barr's passion for software development has grown over the years as she has witnessed its potential for improving people's lives. Having seen that technology can be both a barrier to entry and a gateway to opportunity, she has worked in her local community to provide tech education to folks who may not otherwise have access. She's held NodeSchool and Django Girls workshops, is an organizer for NEJS Conference, and worked with organizations to create a sense of belonging for women in tech.


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