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AI That Helps You Code with Danny Simmons and Gustavo Soares

Episode #1673 Thursday, February 6, 2020

What if Visual Studio could help you write better code? Carl and Richard talk to Danny Simmons and Gustavo Soares about Program Synthesis Using Examples - aka, PROSE. PROSE uses machine learning to understand how you are changing your code and finds ways to help with those changes. Originally a part of Microsoft Research, PROSE has moved to the developer division at Microsoft and is part of the Intellicode extensions in Visual Studio. There are also examples and code on GitHub - check it out!


Daniel Simmons

Daniel Simmons is a Principal Software Engineer at Microsoft having rejoined in 2015 after a momentary lapse of reason. He is the one engineer on the PROSE team in Azure Information Management and Machine Learning. He was once involved in Entity Framework, but we have forgiven him for that.

Gustavo Soares

Gustavo is a researcher on the PROSE team, a blended research and engineering team at Microsoft. His research focus is improving developer productivity through program synthesis. Recently, he has been working with the IntelliCode team on the IntelliCode Refactorings feature in Visual Studio. Before joining Microsoft, Gustavo was an Assistant Professor at Federal University of Campina Grande, in Brazil. He lives in Seattle, and in his free time, he enjoys climbing, surfing, and snowboarding with his wife.


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