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XAML Tooling with Dmitry Lyalin

Episode #1669 Thursday, January 9, 2020

How do you write XAML? Carl and Richard chat with Dmitry Lyalin about Microsoft's on-going efforts to make coding in XAML faster, easier and more reliable. Dmitry starts out talking about how there are different dialects of XAML, including WPF, UWP, Xamarin Forms and more - although there are concerted efforts to keep them more in sync. And that helps with tooling also! Dmitry dives into Blend, XAML Designer and the power of coding XAML directly with IntelliCode, hot-reload and more!


Dmitry Lyalin

Dmitry Lyalin is a Program Manager on the .NET team working on products such as .NET MAUI, XAML and .NET Hot Reload and XAML tooling. Dmitry is no stranger, he's been on past episodes talking about XAML Tooling and even DevOps topics from his past life when he worked on the Azure DevOps team.


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