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Debugging Memory Leaks in .NET with Adam Furmanek

Episode #1667 Thursday, December 26, 2019

Memory Leaks in .NET? How is that possible? While at .NET Developer Days in Warsaw, Carl and Richard talked to Adam Furmanek about modern memory leaks - the things we can do in .NET that cause more memory to be consumed over time. Adam talks through various aspects of .NET that have a risk of causing memory leaks, how to detect them and then the hard part - how to fix them.


Adam Furmanek

Adam Furmanek has been working as a .NET developer since 2012. He currently works at Amazon with Scala, Spark and Machine Learning. Adam is always interested in digging deeper, exploring machine code and going through implementation details to better understand internals of the technologies he uses every day. He likes to play ping-pong, watch Woody Allen's movies and blog stuff at http://blog.adamfurmanek.pl


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