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Python for .NET Developers with Michael Kennedy

Episode #1665 Thursday, December 12, 2019

Do you Python? Carl and Richard chat with Michael Kennedy about the current state of Python and how .NET developers can learn it! Michael talks about the many flavors of Python out there today and the tremendous number of libraries available. The focus of Python on machine learning, scientific computation and more makes it great for all sorts of applications outside of regular dev. But if you wanna make a web site - it kicks butt there too! Check out Michael's course on Python for .NET Developers if you want to get started!


Michael Kennedy

Michael Kennedy is the founder of Talk Python Training where developers can learn Python via online courses. He is the host of two popular Python podcasts, Talk Python To Me and Python Bytes. He is a Python Software Foundations Fellow. He also was primarily a .NET developer for 15 years, spending much of that time teaching C# and .NET at DevelopMentor. Follow him on twitter via @mkennedy.


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